Just went to pick up a parcel from Aussie Post. Extraordinary process, that they are clearly not ready for. I was helped along my way by a number of very friendly staff members who pointed me in the right direction.

From the front it was not easy to see that I could have driven all the way down the back and parked my car (I know the signage is great right?)

Australia Post Carpark lack of signage

I was directed to the left hand side of the building that clearly hasn’t had a window cleaner near it for a good 7-10 years, and told to follow the orange line (which I did)… when the orange line disappeared there was someone else on hand to let me know that the pick up was “just past that white van”…

Australia Post Front of Building lack of signage

It really is quite extraordinary that I didn’t sense that this was there from the front of the building.  Clearly not designed by the same people who do the retail outlets 😉

Australia Post Parcel Pickup

There was another lady there who was on her second trip (from quite a bit further away than me) to get her parcel. One of the AP team told me that they were struggling to cope with the volume of parcels at the PO’s and so had moved them back to delivery centre. He was very pleased that he had finally been able to get rid of the washing machine and dryer that had been sitting there for a couple of weeks!

Do you think we will see ‘opt in track my location’ for delivery of online purchases? Will I accept my parcel delivery whilst having a morning coffee/ with a client rather than having to traipse down the Australia Post delivery hub where the parcel pick up is strategically hidden at the back of the building?