Team Confidence

Support your team to build productive and
profitable working relationships in
the next 90 days!



Help your team to feel more confident in nurturing stakeholders, retain great clients, and keep winning new ones.



Over 50% of customers are likely to switch to a competitor following a single unsatisfactory experience, underscoring the need for consistently positive customer interactions in B2B contexts.

Performance in customer value strongly correlates with customer loyalty in a nearly one-to-one statistical relationship, highlighting the importance of value creation in B2B relationships.

You’ve done the hard work of winning your customers, now ensure your team are equipped to keep delivering value to them in every interaction.

Building confidence in your teams


Through our unique, tailored and collaborative training  we enhance team engagement, and foster cross-functional partnerships to achieve strategic objectives.

These facilitated workshops and coaching sessions  empower your client teams in managing technology partnerships and adopt collaborative work practices for ongoing project and operational success.


  • Simple practices that when put in place consistently make your internal team both smoother and faster in their working flow.
  • Communication agreements that support client delivery, ensuring consistent messages are shared.
  • Improved meeting practices that build confidence.
  • Clarity of the strengths of your team: how this delivers value for the client.

This program is ideal for you if

  • ✅ Are concerned that somewhere there might be damage done to relationships by not responding quickly, not asking for help, letting things slide. Client perception is everything.
  • ✅ Are an IT service provider with business clients who wants to consistently deliver to a high standard.
  • ✅ Want to develop internal protocols that support your team and reduce rework and inconsistencies with customers.
  • ✅ Want your team to better understand the emotional experience for clients and be able to find hidden problems.  

This program is NOT ideal for you if

Already have internal working processes that are on point and deliver consistent excellence to clients.

Don’t have a technical B2B service business.


plant growing in water jar

Why building trust helps.

Brené Brown has a great analogy about trust. She relates a conversation with her daughter about friendships. Each small interaction between friends that is positive builds a little trust, like a pebble being dropped into a jar. Over time, each small action of trust builds the bank of trust in the relationship.

Trust is a foundation for productive and profitable client relationships. Every time we interact with a client, we have the opportunity to add a pebble of trust in the jar. When the client relationship has a default of trust, energy is freed up to make progress at an elevated pace.



client confidence graph<br />
customer service training

None of us enjoy the 404 ‘page not found’ experience. Browsing the web or experiencing this as a customer is the antithesis of trust building. If your team experiences moments like this, we’re focusing on engagement to shift their perception and build an understanding of the client’s needs.

The slow-loading client experience focuses our attention on ease. Ease of interaction and ease of information sharing with the client.
Getting to MVP (minimum viable product) means that we’re satisfying the basics and it works. Our focus is on belief in the service and skills offered, having the courage to direct.

MMP (minimum marketable product) is really about honing the elements that work and adding the flourishes. The pieces that make the client rave about you and your service. Here we focus on expectations (ours and the clients) and building empathy.
The most evolved service providers have built both trust and confidence with the client, making them confidants.

Building Client Confidence

1.  Starting with self.

Your technical skills are already excellent. Adding to this the communication skills that build confidence. In this program we cover both verbal and nonverbal communication methods with a specific focus on more effective meetings.

2.  Deepening the clarity of what your service means to your clients.

We cover both the known and unknown aspects of the service you deliver and develop ways to build and respond to client service requests. We review the offer that we have and why that’s important to our clients.

3.  Solving client problems requires looking beyond the immediate ‘symptoms.’

We unpack stealth expectations and develop skills to better uncover these expectations in our dealings with clients. Develop your team’s curiosity and ability to remain calm under pressure to continue to deliver on the trust you’ve built.

Client Confidence - intersection of Trust, Clear Communication & Confidence in Skills

“If you don’t have trust inside your company,
then you can’t transfer it to your customers.”
– Roger Staubach

6R Partnership with clients

It’s a partnership

Our training and development process, without the frills of extraneous perks, offers practical and tailored support for your team:

  • A dedicated consultant to tailor the right training plan for your business.
  • Director-level engagement for executive team alignment.
  • Regular checkpoints to monitor team progress.
  • Comprehensive access to our suite of training tools and templates, which include business cases, project plans, process diagrams, and guides for communication planning and reporting structures.

Should your needs extend beyond these provisions, we encourage open communication to ensure we meet your specific requirements. This collaborative approach is designed to refine and enhance your team’s competencies, aligning with our commitment to facilitating your business’s success.


Words of praise

We work to build good relationships with our clients and the project teams we work with. It’s incredibly valuable to get feedback on what’s working (and what’s not). We build that into our working process to continue to improve.

“The new website we launched looks better visually & improves the customer experience dramatically – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg; behind the front-end we also completely rebuilt the eCommerce foundations of the business.”

Chris Bright

FILA, GM eCommerce

“The 6R team played a crucial role in the success of our project by ensuring clear communication and collaboration with vendors and stakeholders. Their efforts have helped us achieve our goals and vision for the project.”

Ashlee Rischitelli

Accent Group - Platypus, Head of eCommerce

“Thank you and Rob, you have been such an important difference in launching our United Ecommerce project, we could not have got there without your efforts. We appreciate all your hard work, sanity and advice. We really have enjoyed working with you and I am sure will work with you again on future projects. Keep well through these difficult times and stay in touch Thank you again for everything – working with you made all the difference and guaranteed its successful launch”

Alla Buinowicz

Taking Shape, Managing Director


Leonie McCarthy started 6R Retail with the objective of ‘interesting work with great people’ and is incredibly grateful that the 6R team get to work with great people on interesting projects (and interesting people on great projects).

Leonie McCarthy

Leonie has 20 years experience supporting customer-centric organisations in the retail sector with systems and technology, including ERP, PLM, PIM, Ecom, Mar tech, middleware, and warehouse systems. She has led complex technology change and transformation projects and is known for her ability to navigate IT providers to align with clients’ needs. Leonie leads a team focused on building positive and collaborative relationships between stakeholders and taking a practical and direct approach to challenge the status quo. Her leadership is based on developing potential and creating possibilities and opportunities for others.