Often when I describe what we do at 6R I say “we speak conversational tech” and somehow people know what I mean by this.

We are not IT people, rather business people who have learned how to converse with IT. The technology component of everything we do has become so inter-meshed with our everyday lives that IT and the processes that support it have become incredibly important, but nothing is more important than communicating clearly and quickly.

We find that being able to communicate with diagrams is incredibly helpful and has saved hours of time in projects.

6R Retail 5 phases of activity

NEVER underestimate the value of a good diagram. In fact, I think you can tell if a diagram has been successful by how far it travels. I have been lucky enough to have some of my diagrams presented back to me over the years in project briefings, which is always a great endorsement for the content.

When trying to explain project phases and structures to a business team it’s important to have something that maps out the process from end to end (or in this case a circle).

People that we deal with are usually visual people this diagram is adapted from traditional project phase and activity methods and shows the effort in line with the different phases of the project.

Would this one work in your business?