Let’s start by saying every SINGLE employee that I have ever encountered at the Australia Post Depot in Artarmon has been thoroughly delightful and good humoured.  They go out of their way to be nothing but helpful. *

But I do get the impression that other people have had much less satisfying experiences.

Today I had the joy of going to pick up wine that my husband had ‘delivered.’ Not being familiar with the online shopping & shipping experience I think he thought this would mean a courier walking boxes up the steps and leaving them at the front door.

Not so.


They leave a card.


In the mailbox.


For you to pick up.


At the depot…


About a block from the online store’s warehouse …


On the up side Aussie Post have nice shiny new signs since the last time I was at the depot and have even splashed out on a little roller door that allows people to more easily pick up their parcels. A lot snazzier than the tiny hole in door that was the interim arrangement. They have even thoughtfully provided seats.


The seats seem to be occupied by people who are waiting a while whilst Aussie Post figure out where their parcel might be. Whilst standing in the queue I was treated to little snippets of overheard conversation like…

AP: “It’s been scanned in but someone seems to have moved it”

AP: “You see, we can’t really tell whether it’s in the depot or on the truck” (that must be reassuring)

Whilst I am deeply impressed by the authenticity of the interactions that I have had with Aussie Post I am thinking that sometimes it’s better if the customer doesn’t know absolutely all the details…


*Just my personal experience; up to and including the dude who turned off the engine and dismounted his forklift to come over to the window of the car and let me know that if I was looking for parcel pick up they had moved it to the front of the building. Manners. Lovely.